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About Soap Ministry

Soap Ministry is a pioneer in Soap Making and an advocate for natural products. We believe every individual have different skin treatment needs. Diana Ong, Director of Soap Ministry started her business in 2010 with not only a strong believe in natural and DIY products but an interest in educating and empowering people to be in control of whatever product and ingredient that goes on your skin.

How did it start? Having a daughter with Eczema was the catalyst that helped Diana start up Soap Ministry. Her daughter had severe Eczema even as a baby and was prescribed with steroid creams. Though her condition would get better after application, the results didn't last. This resulted in Diana to start making soaps herself in Malaysia which improved her daughter's skin condition dramatically and the frequency of her relapse decreased as well.

Share as we serve, give as we get

Many of our daily skin care products are more harmful than we thought. This is because most commercially-made skin care products contain plenty of harsh chemicals which are harmful to our skin. Some of the commonly-found hazardous substances include cresol, formaldehyde, glycols, nitrates/nitrosamines, sulfur compounds, phenol, fragrances and colorings. Even our most basic necessities such as soap and shower gels contain preservatives! The alternative to chemical soaps is obviously the natural soaps. Using natural soaps is a sure way of protecting your delicate skin. Soap Ministry believes in Saving Earth, Saving Skin and Saving Cost! Our natural handmade soaps are available for sale on our website and outlets. Besides, you can learn how to create your very own natural soaps here at Soap Ministry using a variety of natural ingredients of your choice. Making your own soaps is easy, fun and educational. For details, please check out our workshops

Soap Ministry Products

Soap Ministry believes in Saving Earth, Saving Skin and Saving Cost.

Saving the earth

Soap Ministry products uses ingredients that are biodegradable. Biodegradable products break down into organic material therefore they are not harmful to the environment.

Saving skin

Soap Ministry products contain natural ingredients wholesome to your skin. Our products are free from harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES, Parabens, fragrances and sulfate-free making our products safe.

Saving Cost

At Soap Ministry, we teach you the secrets of soap making during our workshops and enjoy a lifetime of savings, once you master the techniques by producing your own natural soaps from home.

How is Soap Ministry workshops different?

In Singapore, Soap Ministry is the biggest and most pioneer professional soap making workshop company and we have been awarded as Best In Singapore. We have over 400 designs of molds, 15-30 essential oil and blends, wide selection of natural herbs and blends for customer to use and choose. Soap Ministry is highly skilled and has professional coaching and knowledge about soap making and skincare. We also provide skin consultation and skincare knowledge workshop where we address and the common skin issues and remedies for them. We also have complimentary life-time membership privileges such as 5-10% cash back, bulk purchase discount, rental timeslot for members to make their own soap at our outlet with tools and equipment provided at the lowest rate of only $10/hr.

We are open daily including weekends and holidays (except Chinese New Year) and hourly workshops are available for booking to allow our customers to relax and enjoy with the nice ambient at our shop of about 600 sqft. Walk-ins are also welcome if we are not fully booked or booked for private events Soap Ministry also awards E-certificate for intermediate soap making workshop, cold process and liquid soap making workshops where you will get to learn recipe formulation advise and guidance from us Soap Ministry also provide customized soap order service which is available from 1 piece onwards. WhatsApp available : +65-96695953