Your love for your baby

Your breastmilk for your baby is the very best in every way. With excess or expired well frozen breastmilk, Soap Ministry provide premium services to convert your precious liquid gold of love into freshly handmade Cold Process Breastmilk Soap .

Cold Process Method

Cold Process Soap Making Method is an organically process of making soap from scratch with a recipe of 100% pure natural carrier oils. Our formulated Natural Cold Process Breastmilk Soap is customised & personalised for you and your baby!

Additionally, your breastmilk Soap organically produces natural nutrients, glycerine and vitamins from within the soap that are beneficial for yours and your baby's skin!

A baby's skin is 50% thinner and more sensitive than adults'. Their skin are more subjected to irritation, reactive and prone to skin cell damages from UV rays, pollution, redness, rashes, and experience side effects from chemical products that weaken their skin and some even their health.   Daily baths are essential and relaxing fun part of their everyday lives. Many products (bath products, shower gel) on the market that claim to be 'gentle' or 'baby safe' actually still contain some form of unnatural chemical or preservatives to prolong the shelf life of the products. These unnatural chemicals are not good for your precious little ones



The only best, most natural & nutritious bath is one using your personalised freshly handmade Cold Process Breastmilk Soap. Your breastmilk is created with amazing nutrients, vitamins and antibodies that increases the protection and immunity of your baby skin. It also reduces the risk of developing skin problems like eczema and rashes.

Enhances your baby's skin healing ability and resistance against other damages from the environment, UV rays, strong chlorinated water from swimming pools and hard elements in our shower tap water.

A healthy head-start is using the best you can give now, your Breastmilk Soap. The safest cleanser is using the purest and most natural one you can give for your baby. Celebrate with Breastmilk in your soap for your baby. The best time to get your baby skin cared for in the very best and limited moment a mummy can provide. Make it last forever. Your Breastmilk Soap

A healthy head-start

Soap Ministry's breastmilk soap.

Soap Minsitry's breastmilk soap is made through Cold Process methods and are Hypoallergic, Paraben free, Alcohol-free, Soap Free, Preservative Free, SLS Free, No Chemical, No Animal Testing, 100% Biodegradable, Vegan, Natural, Handmade, Product Of Singapore,Natural Ingredients, Child Friendly, Baby Safe & Baby Care Product. Keep one of the Breastmilk Soap Cool and Dry, and it will last forever as a KEEPSAKE. 

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