Mrs Robyn

Robyn, Mother of two, looking into best and natural soap for her children. Her youngest daughter has sensitive skin and Soap Ministry has a solution for that. Cold Process Soaps. She visited Soap Ministry and delivered her frozen breastmilk to make them into Cold Process breastmilk soap.

Soap Ministry Cold Process soap

Soap Ministry's Cold process soaps are so pure, 100% natural and are naturally rich in nutrients for the skin. Our soaps are halal-safe, Eco-friendly and free from all harsh chemicals such as SLS, Paraben, T.E.A and more which are found in most products in the market.

Skin Types

Cold Process Breastmilk Soap are perfect for normal to sensitive skin types especially for those who have Eczema. It helps to strengthen skin immunity, increases natural skin function, restore skin nutrients and allows skin repair.


After a brief consultation with Soap Ministry staffs, she decided on which sizes and cut she would like for her different batches of soaps. She have also chosen unscented for her baby and some lavender essential oil for her toddler. Since she has excess amount of milk that usually goes to waste, she had the option to get some of her breastmilk soap with Geranium and Rose essential oil that are good for her own skin to delay aging. This is perfect for her and her kids to use on their face and body. It can also be used to wash her baby's clothing too. The beautiful part is that she gets to have some to be made into assorted designs and she gets to keep them as a memory that can last forever.

They tried, tested and here is her honest opinion:

"Have been using the soap for myself and the kids and we really like it :) My elder girl especially loves showering herself with the soap bar, she finds it really fun! More importantly, it doesn't irritate her sensitive skin-she has not has any eczema flare ups in the recent weeks that we've been using the soap. I lather some soap and add it to the bath for my little one too. She has really bad drool rash on her cheeks and I find that it has been helpful just dabbing the bath water over her cheeks to keep the rash under control. Personally, I like how the soap cleanses well - gives the skin that squeaky clean feeling - but doesn’t cause me to itch like some commercial soaps do. Thanks to your staff for the wonderful recommendation to make two batches of soap - one with scent for my use and the one without for the kids. The lavender scent added is very calming. I love using it at the end of a long day juggling the two kids. Knowing that the products we use are free from harmful chemicals really gives that added peace of mind too. Best of all, I get to extend the shelf life of my excess breastmilk and put it to good use as it continues to nourish my children and I.”

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About breast milk

Breastmilk is one of the healthiest substances in existence. It's perfectly formulated to nourish a developing brain and there are many helpful benefits for infant developments. It goes way beyond nutrition and numerous studies show that it's an effective treatment for topical skin issues as well. Breastmilk soap has been growing in popularity among parents looking for natural alternatives to treat infant Eczema.

You can try it for yourself too! Make an appointment to deliver your frozen breastmilk to any of our outlets! For more enquiries, you can WhatsApp Diana @ 9669 5953 to order or just consult about your skin issues, we might have a natural solution for you!