Sanitize your face with skin benefits naturally & effectively!

Use Hydrosols!  Hydrosols are a very gentle yet effective antibacterial product; making it useful to sanitize your face, scalp and hair effectively. It can also help to  balance both oily and dry complexions! Hydrosol can be utilized in an unimaginable amount of ways, with practical uses as well as cosmetic!


At Soap Ministry, we carry different types of Hydrosol for a wide variety of skins concerns you have!  Hydrosol can help your skin in many ways!  It is:  * Anti-bacterial * Anti-microbial * Antiseptic * Anti-inflammatory * Hydrating * Refining * Calming * Soothing * Healing

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This Season of flu virus, its best to have these Hydrosols with you!

- Tea Tree Hydrosol  - Eucalyptus Hydrosol  - Rosemary Hydrosol  - Peppermint Hydrosol These hydrosols have anti-microbial properties which helps to fight against a variety of germs protecting you from this virus!!

For healing, Calming & Soothing Hydrosol Suitable for baby, sensitive & all Skin Types

- Lavender Hydrosol - Chamomile Hydrosol

Meditation & Concentration For Combination Skin

- Green tea Hydrosol  - Sandalwood Hydrosol  - Peppermint

For Anti & Delay Aging, Hydration & Repair

- Rose Hydrosol  - Geranium Hydrosol  - Neroli Hydrosol  - Jasmine Hydrosol

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TONS of uses and benefits of Hydrosol

You can use make your own skincare products such as face masks using our hydrosols!

Recommendations for specific skin types

Recommendations for Acne skin.

Clay Powder: Bamboo Charcoal -This helps with clogged pores and it purifys the skin Essential oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree Hydrosols: Lavender, Tea Tree -These essential oils are well suited for acne skin. It helps to balances oil, clogged skin while treating acne, reducing blackheads and improves sebum balance.

Recommendations for Dry/Sensitive skin

Clay powder: Chamomile Powder Essential Oil: Chamomile  Hydrosol: Chamomile  -Chamomile is mild on skin making it suitable for sensitive and eczema skin types.

Recommendations for Your Skin Radiance

Clay powder: Red clay,Barley Grass -These helps to tighten pores, improve the skin tone and firming of the skin. It is also anti-aging. Essential oils: Geranium, rose geranium, rose otto  -These help to restore the skin's elasticity and tighten the pores. It helps with moisturizing and renewing of aging cells. Hydrosols: Geranium, Rosemary  -These has anti-aging, anti-flammatory properties.

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Hydrosol can be used around the home, for cleaning, to cover odour, to treat sunburn, as a mist to cool you in the summertime, even to spray on your pet!

For specific usage

1. As a  Repellent

 Geranium hydrosols with delay aging properties

2. Men’s Aftershave

Hydrosols can be adapted for use as a men’s aftershave, especially if you mix witch hazel & chamomile Hydrosol together.

3. For anti-Inflammatory purposes

Hydrosols like lavender & chamomile are effective in relieving inflammation..

4. As compresses

Hydrosols like peppermint, lavender & chamomile can be chilled or warmed and used in place of water for compresses.

5. Baby Wipes & Moisturizing Solution

Handmade, natural baby wipes can be made using our Hydrosol due to its anti-inflammatory and calming properties like Chamomile

6. Finger Bowl

 Hydrosol can be used in place of water within finger bowls.

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