Read to learn about Eco-friendly tips and how Soap Ministry products are Eco-friendly.


A simple definition would be 'Earth-friendly'.

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However, 'Earth-friendly' can mean alot of things. Products that are not environmentally harmful, green living and conservation all ties to being 'Earth-friendly'.

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So what is the true definition of Eco-friendliness?


It is the usage of the products that are not environmentally harmful and practices that help conserve the Earth's natural resources.

How can we practice Eco-friendliness?

Tip #1: Recycle household waste such as plastic bottles and cardboard in recyclable bins.

Tip #2: Buy second-hand clothing and recycle your pre-loved items.

Tip #3: Bring your reusable containers when taking away from hawker centers and opt for no cutlery when ordering through delivery services.

Tip #4: In light of Covid-19, choose reusable cloth face mask instead of one-time use disposable masks

How are Soap Ministry Products Eco-Friendly?

Soap Ministry products are all organically handmade and natural hence are biodegradable !

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We use soaps countless times a day to keep our hands clean but using soaps that contain chemicals can cause harm to marine life. Soaps used are washed down the drain and can end up in lakes and oceans. Synthetic-based chemicals from soaps hence end up in the oceans! Common chemicals such as Triclosan which can be found in many antibacterial hand soaps have been declared toxic by Environment Canada in 2012.

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However, despite that, many products containing this ingredient can still be found. Triclosan has shown toxic effects on aquatic life. A study in the United States has shown that there are dangerous levels of triclosan accumulated in the bodies of dolphins. Another type of chemical is Parabens which are not only harmful to humans but it also contaminates the water ecosystems


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Soap Ministry practices Eco-friendliness through the products we sell ! Moving forward, Soap Ministry would be extending our Eco-friendliness efforts ! We would be charging an additional $0.20 for plastic/paper bag, $1 for medium recyclable tote bag and $1.50 for large recyclable tote bags.

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We would encourage shoppers to opt for the recyclable tote bag at our shops which they can bring along with their next purchase hence, reducing plastic waste! We also encourage our shoppers to bring their own bag when shopping with us !


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Purchase organically, handmade and natural soaps from Soap Ministry! And what better way to care for the skin and the environment than to create your very own soaps! Create your very own soaps here at Soap Ministry with customization of all-natural ingredients ranging from scents, herbs, and colour.

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Soap Ministry has a wide range of workshops such as soap making workshop, bath bomb workshop and Castile liquid soap workshop! Love your skin, Love the environment! Use products that are safe, Eco-friendly and skin-friendly !