Natural Breast Milk Soap

Natural Breast Milk Soap Service

Benefits for the Child

Benefits for Mom

Free from all harsh chemicals. Our Handmade Soaps are free from all harsh chemicals such as SLS, Paraben and Triethanolamine. Thus, natural soaps are very safe for sensitive and eczema skin. The high Glycerin content in our soaps makes our skin retain its moisture in the most natural way.

- Prevents the development of Eczema. - Contains strong antibodies & anti-toxins that provides antibacterial & healing properties. - Promotes healing & relief to diaper rash, cord stump and circumcision wound. - Immunologic properties to boost & strengthens immune system. - Effective in cleansing properties. - Moisturize & sooth the skin.

- Helps to relief for eczema & itching skin. - Effective cleansing properties. - Lighthens pigmentation on skin. - Moisturize & Soften skin. - Treats acne prone skin. - Promote healing to all types of cuts, scrapes and minor infections.

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