Mango Butter 5kg

Mango Butter 芒果脂 5kg

SGD 510.00

Mango butter contains high levels of vitamin A. It can soften and soothe skin, hydrate and moisturize, enhance skin resistance, restore skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and improve cell vitality, treat and prevent itching, sunburn, allergies, eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks and mosquito bites. It can effectively resist harmful UV rays and can also be used to slow down dryness due to eczema and psoriasis. In case item is out of stock, please e-mail or WhatsApp 96695953 the amount you would like to order and when the fresh stock arrives, we will reserve and update you. 能够与护肤品中其他成分良好混合。芒果脂的天然成分能够修复创伤,增加肌肤自我更新能力,使肌肤柔软、光滑、保湿和修复能力,并被证明针对紫外线伤害也有效果。皮肤学家经常推荐使用芒果脂来减少皱纹,改善表情纹和皱纹。

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