Shea Butter 1kg

Shea Butter 乳木果油 1kg

SGD 114.00

Shea butter has a moisturizing and nourishing the skin excellent, easy to absorb, improve the skin's temperature and adjust sebum secretion insurance status, with repair, conditioning, softening and moisturizing the skin. Good sun protection, after-sun treatment protects the skin with ease. For dry, sensitive skin often sun, baby skin also applies, but also to protect the hair well. In case item is out of stock, please e-mail or WhatsApp 96695953 the amount you would like to order and when the fresh stock arrives, we will reserve and update you. 适合干性皮肤,敏感性、缺水、湿疹肌肤使用。对新陈代谢、淡化黑斑、消除皱纹均有很好的效果,滋润皮肤及头发;在皮肤上留下滋润、蜡质感觉的薄层.

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