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Melt & Pour Soap

A fast & convenient way of making soap using soap bases. Suitable for all ages from 4 years old. Attend this workshop and make more soaps at our shop or at the comfort of your home.

Soap Ministry melt & pour soap workshops use premium soap bases and top-grade ingredients including pure essential oil and glycerine. Soap Ministry soaps are moisturising contrary to regular beliefs that soaps are drying as they are free of harsh chemicals. Melt& Pour Workshops include: -Basic Workshop -Basic Upsize Workshop -Intermediate Workshop Click the photo for more information.

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Cold Process

The traditional way of making a full goodness and fully customised handmade soap. Learn to make soaps from scratch using oil and sodium hydroxide to make bar soaps. Learn about formulae, recipe and oil benefits in the cards, on top of all different techniques to make the soap more beautiful and more beneficial to the skin. E-certificates are given out for this lesson. Workshops include: -CP1 Gardener’s Hand Soap -CP2 Facial Treatment Soap -CP3 Body Treatment Soap -CP4 Layering Soap -CP5 Castile Soap -CP6 Basic Swirls Soap -CP7 Goat’s Milk Soap or Breastmilk Soap. Note that CP1 & CP2 are compulsory before attending other lessons. ---- 至爱的客户们,感谢您对皂言的冷制手工皂制作培训课程感兴趣。我是Diana,皂言的董事。以下的日期已开放,欢迎您来预约。课程1-1和1-2为基础课,必须先修,方可修其他进阶课程。所有课程包含材料,工具,设备, 理论笔记和教导。如果您在开放日期没法参与任何课程,请致电我们。 您可以通过皂言网页付款 或通过以下链接付款: 以下是课程简要资料:7项课程,总共8堂课 CP1-咖啡家事皂 ($110) CP2- 洁颜手工皂 ($180) CP3-洁肤手工皂 ($180) CP4-分层手工皂 ($180) CP5-法式橄榄马赛手工皂 ($180) CP6-拉花手工皂 ($180) CP7-羊奶/母乳手工皂 (每堂$200) 皂言将发给所有培训者: - 每堂课的出席证书 - 完成课程证书(总共8堂课) 凡签任何配套将获得5%折扣。 也备有单独课程 配套A – 共8堂课 $1410 5%折扣后 $1339.50 配套B – 共7堂课 $1210 5%折扣后 $1149.50 不含母乳皂课程 配套C – 共6堂课 $1030 5%折扣后 $978.50 不含母乳皂和洁肤皂课程 配套D – 共7堂课 $1230 5%折扣后 $1168.50 不含洁肤皂课程 培训者需给予证件号码登记和必须16岁或以上, 如12~15岁必须由成人陪同。上课时,小孩是不允许进入 地址:Soap Ministry5 Soon Lee Street,Pioneer Point, #01-55,Singapore 627607联络号码 : +65 6465 9098 怎样到达本店: -从文礼巴士转换站搭乘251号巴士 -从先驱地铁站步行大约5分钟距离 -可以自行驾车并停泊在店前(无需付费) -搭乘德士直达店前 只对制作母乳皂感兴趣: 最基本需完成: CP1 咖啡家事皂 -基础 CP2/3 洁颜手工皂/洁肤手工皂 - 制皂理论与计算(调油与制作配方) CP7 羊奶手工皂 - 自制配方 CP7 母乳皂 - 自制配方 $110 + $180 + $200 + $200 = $690 每堂课制造1公斤冷制皂价各包含材料,工具,设备, 理论笔记和教导。 本店提供Timeslot服务,让您将所学的学以致用,自己制作冷制皂。 Timeslot的好处包括: -**Timeslot以每小时$10计费 - 让您使用本店的设施,器具,用具和提供您晾皂的地方。 -店内基础油任您使用,价钱以每克计算,无需储存任何多余的基础油,也不会又浪费。 -每克基础油的价钱以1公斤油的折扣率计算,价钱更实惠! -在所用的全部材料上再给予10%会员折扣,材料包括基础油,天然植物粉,纯精油等。(会员折扣不包括每小时$10Timeslot费用) 冷制皂批发价:至少制造6公斤相同的配方 -每克基础油的价钱以1公斤油的折扣率计算,其后再给予10%折扣,价钱相等于获得超过50%的折扣! **Timeslot 冷制手工皂友可在皂言制作自己的手工皂,购买氢氧化钠或氢氧化钾。会员 $10/ hr, 非会员 $20/ hr最低消费 $50 或以上切和冲压皂 $5皂化每个月 $5

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Natural Liquid Soap

If you love to use liquid soap more than bar soap, this is the workshop for you! Make your soap with your oil selection and potassium hydroxide to make the best liquid soap for your skin. Learn about different oil benefits, formula calculations and recipe writing in this lesson. E-certificates are given out for this lesson. Click the photo for more information.

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Bath Bombs

Also known as bath fizzies. Use it for your home bath tubs, hotel bath tubs or even small ones as foot baths. Learn about mixing techniques, fail-proofing and others during the lesson. Click here to find out more. Click the photo for more information.

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Corporate/Team Bonding/Parties Workshops

Click here to send us your enquiries and we will get back to you ASAP.

Looking to host for a bigger group? Looking for a place for team bonding whilst having fun? Want to have parties but don’t know where to go? Soap Minstry is your choice! Click here to leave your enquiries and we will get back to you ASAP! For faster replies, WhatsApp your enquiries to 96695953!

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Candle Making Workshop with Zalak creation

Candle making is certainly fun and relaxing whether its for yourself or a beautiful gift to your loved ones. Whether it's corporate team building or a Birthday party candle making is fun way to spend sometime with your colleagues or friends exploring your artistic skills. Learn this beautiful Aromatic double jar Gel and Soy wax candle. During this 2 hours session, you will learm more about different kind of waxes and special tips and techniques to help you make it yourself. During this workshop you will learn about: - Different types of waxes used to make candles - Choosing the right size wick and how to install wick in the jar or molded candles - Techniques of adding fragrances oils and colors - Hands on experience on making Candles - Innovative ideas for decorating your candle All material will be provided. Min 2 pax per session. Duration: 2 hours Location: Orchard gateway outlet

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Get essential knowledge on skin care routines, learn anti-aging tips & techniques and how-to's to find the most suitable solutions to your skin type and concerns. Make your own DIY skincare solutions and bring home additional knowledge on skin care.

Techniques taught: • 6x Lip balm with beeswax (10g) • 6x Lip balm with candelilla wax (10g) • 1x Body treatment soothing balm (50g) • Skincare knowledge


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