Candle making class

New special candle making class at Soap Ministry. Limited in June 2019 only. Collaborating with Zalak's Creation, candle making expert, We bring you new lesson that def. fun, relaxing for yourself or your loved one. In this lesson you can learn to make candles using Gel, Paraffin, Palm and Soy and how to properly embed the wick and incorporate fragrances and colours into your candle design. Get special price for Soap Ministry members

Information you will gain

- Different type of waxes used to make candles. - Choosing the right size wick and how to install wick in the jar or molded candles. -Techniques of adding fragrance oils and colours - Hands on experience on making candles - Innovative ideas for decorating your candle

Course details:

- You will make 3 type of different wax on the day (Soy wax, Gel wax, Crystal palm wax). - All the material required will be provided - Workshop Duration: 3 hours - Location: Soap ministry @ Liang court

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Melt & Pour Soap

A fast & convenient way of making soap using soap bases. Suitable for all ages from 4 years old. Attend this workshop and make more soaps at our shop or at the comfort of your home.

Soap Ministry melt & pour soap workshops use premium soap bases and top-grade ingredients including pure essential oil and glycerine. Soap Ministry soaps are moisturising contrary to regular beliefs that soaps are drying as they are free of harsh chemicals. Melt& Pour Workshops include: -Basic Workshop -Basic Upsize Workshop -Intermediate Workshop Click the photo for more information.

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Cold Process

The traditional way of making a full goodness and fully customised handmade soap. Learn to make soaps from scratch using oil and sodium hydroxide to make bar soaps. Learn about formulae, recipe and oil benefits in the cards, on top of all different techniques to make the soap more beautiful and more beneficial to the skin. E-certificates are given out for this lesson. Workshops include: -CP1 Gardener’s Hand Soap -CP2 Facial Treatment Soap -CP3 Body Treatment Soap -CP4 Layering Soap -CP5 Castile Soap -CP6 Basic Swirls Soap -CP7 Goat’s Milk Soap or Breastmilk Soap. Note that CP1 & CP2 are compulsory before attending other lessons. Click the photo for more information.

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Natural Liquid Soap

If you love to use liquid soap more than bar soap, this is the workshop for you! Make your soap with your oil selection and potassium hydroxide to make the best liquid soap for your skin. Learn about different oil benefits, formula calculations and recipe writing in this lesson. E-certificates are given out for this lesson. Click the photo for more information.

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Bath Bombs

Also known as bath fizzies. Use it for your home bath tubs, hotel bath tubs or even small ones as foot baths. Learn about mixing techniques, fail-proofing and others during the lesson. Click here to find out more. Click the photo for more information.

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Corporate/Team Bonding/Parties Workshops

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Looking to host for a bigger group? Looking for a place for team bonding whilst having fun? Want to have parties but don’t know where to go? Soap Minstry is your choice! Click here to leave your enquiries and we will get back to you ASAP! For faster replies, WhatsApp your enquiries to 96695953!

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Upcoming Workshops!

Soap Ministry has more workshops coming to you soon! We are preparing the details and lesson structures. At the meanwhile if you are interested in any one, please leave your information here (Go to Google Form) and we will contact you when the class launches. Upcoming lessons include lip balm, treatment balm, massage oil and lotion.

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