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Soap Making Workshops

Enjoy to bonding over bubbles? Nothing beats a soap-making workshop from Soap Ministry.  Soap Ministry conducts cold process and liquid soap-making workshops where you can learn recipe formulation from our team of professionally trained coaches. We award Soap Ministry E-certificates to all successful intermediate-level soap-making workshop participants. Soap Ministry workshops perfect for all kinds of parties—birthdays, hen parties, private groups, corporate events, team bonding, school groups, and more.

Melt & Pour

It’s a quick and easy way to make soap from liquid soap bases. We offer a variety of workshops teaching different melt-and-pour techniques. These classes are fun and can be customized to suit all age groups, including children as young as 4 years old. Our Melt and Pour soap workshops use premium-grade soap bases and only top-quality ingredients including pure essential oils and glycerine. Our soaps are free from harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES, Parabens, fragrances, and sulphates, so they make great skin moisturizers too!

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The A-B-C of soap-making fun, it’s an easy way to make your soap just the way you like it! Choose from many soap bases, essential oils, herbs, moulds, colours and over 400 mould designs!

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Sign up for this workshop and you get to pick your two favourite soap bases, two magic herbs, colours, and suddenly you’re a bubble maestro. This workshop includes an interesting basic layering techniques.

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Stir up some soap magic with secret techniques such as snow coating, soap-with-soap, and more. This workshop offers 4 levels offers a Soap Ministry E-certificate for participation.

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Cold Process Soap Making

Learn the real art of making a bar of great soap from scratch, using oils and sodium hydroxide. Create your recipes and grow your knowledge about different oils and their benefits for your skin. Customize your recipe using these ideas, and make your cold press soaps exclusively suitable for your skin! Get creative and learn all the different techniques to make beautiful designs with the you create.


Corporate Workshops

Shop Ministry corporate soap-making workshops can be adapted to suit a variety of corporate team events from team bonding, to CSR programs, to dine-and-dance evenings and client visits. We offer customizable activities and the flexibility we provide makes us a perfect choice for your next corporate event.

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Mini basic & Intermediate Workshop

Get twice the goodness when you sign up for this unique Soap Ministry workshop! It’s a sweet deal combining a mini basic workshop and an intermediate 1 workshop. Soap Ministry will award you an E-certificate for the Intermediate 1 Melt and Pour workshop.


Bath Bomb Workshop

Get blown away with natural DIY bath bombs made from genuine essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances! It’s a fun and explosive workshop where you get to learn creative mixing techniques, fail-proofing, and tons more!

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100% Natural Liquid Soap Making

If you love liquid soap, this workshop is perfect for you. Learn to customize and create the natural liquid soap that is just right for your skin, using select body soap oils. Wonder how soap becomes 100% natural even with potassium hydroxide? Take this workshop and find out. Learn more about the different benefits of organic liquid soap oils, formula calculations, how to write a recipe and more.


Lip Balm & Body Treatment Balm workshop

If you love lip balm and skin care balm making, create your very own scented soother. Learn to create your favourite scent blending essential oils and deepen your knowledge of healthy skincare routines. Get anti-aging tips and techniques and find the most suitable solutions for your specific skin type. Create your DIY skincare solutions and enjoy the all-new you!


Candle Making Workshop with Zalak Creation

Candle making is fun and can be very relaxing whether you’re doing it for yourself or to make gifts for your loved ones. Whether at a corporate team-building session or during a birthday party, candle-making is a fun way to spend quality time with your friends and family as you explore your artistic side. This Soap Ministry workshop promises loads of fun as you learn to make assorted aromatic gels and wax candles.

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Intermediate Tray Making Workshop

Come and try making your very own trays using a variety of fun techniques. Learn to choose your favourite mould design and you will soon be able to make your very own trays for soaps, trinkets, routine pills, small bowls, and a few candle holder designs too.

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Gemstone Workshop

Come join this special learn to create 3 gemstone soap designs with your favourite blend of essential oils. Choose one real gemstone from our collection and learn embedding techniques where you get to insert the gemstone in your soap! Feed your creativity with our unlimited colours and create your multi-colour gemstone soap.

So, how are Soap Ministry workshops different?

Soap Ministry is considered to be Singapore’s largest professional organis products company that has pioneered the art of natural handmade soaps and we are proud to have been rated as “Best in Singapore.” We have over 400 designs of moulds, as many as 30 essential oils, and a wide selection of natural herbs and blends for our customers to choose from. Our team is highly skilled and consists of all professionally trained experts in the techniques of DIY soap making and the secrets of natural skincare. We also provide skin consultation services and workshops where we address all kinds of common skin issues and recommend suitable remedies for them.