Melt & Pour

A fast and convenient way of making soap using soap bases. Soap Ministry has a wide range of workshop classes teaching various techniques and are customized making them suitable for all ages and for children as young as 4 years old. Soap Ministry Melt & Pour soap making workshops uses premium soap bases and top-grade ingredients such as pure essential oil and glycerine. Soap Ministry soaps are moisturizing as they are FREE from harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES, Parabens, fragrances and sulfate-free.

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Learn the traditional way of making a full goodness of bar soap from scratch using oils and sodium hydroxide. Learn how to formulate your own recipes and gain knowledge about different oils and their benefits for your skin and customize your soap using these knowledge making your soap beneficial and suitable for your skin only! On top of these, get creative and learn all the different techniques to make beautiful designs on your soaps.

Cold Process Soap Making

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Corporate Workshops

Our corporate workshops are versatile and engaging. From Team Bonding, to CSR programmes to Dinner & Dance, we cater to all your needs. Our wide range of activities and our flexibility makes us an ideal choice to book us for your next corporate activities!

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Mini basic & Intermediate workshop

Kill two birds with one stone by attending this workshop! You will get to experience both a mini basic workshop and an intermediate 1 workshop in one session! E-certificates will be awarded for the Intermediate 1 Melt & Pour workshop.

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Bath bomb workshop

Enjoy these bath fizzes? Create your very own natural bath bombs made using essential oils instead of fragrances! A fun, creative and explosive workshop where you get to learn mixing techniques, fail-proofing and more!

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100% natural Liquid Soap Making

Prefer liquid soap more than bar soap ? This workshop is for you! Customize and create your very own liquid soap which benefits your skin using a wide selection of oils. Curious how soap becomes 100% natural even using potassium hydroxide? Join our workshop where we explain how this occurs and learn more about the different oil benefits, formula calculations and recipe writing in this lesson!

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Lip balm & Body treatment balm workshop

Love lip-balms and wishes to make your very own with scent that you want? Learn how to make your very own lip-balm using essential oils as your scent! Create your favourite scent using a blend of essential oils here at Soap Ministry. Get essential knowledge on skin care routines and learn anti-aging tips and techniques as well as how-to's to find the most suitable solutions for your skin type and concerns. Create your own DIY skincare solutions and bring home additional knowledge of skin care!

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Candle Making Workshop with Zalak creation

Candle making is certainly fun and relaxing whether its for yourself or a beautiful gift to your loved ones. Whether it's corporate team building or a Birthday party candle making is fun way to spend sometime with your colleagues or friends exploring your artistic skills. Learn this beautiful Aromatic double jar Gel and Soy wax candle.

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Engage in an exciting activity making your very own tray for different purposes with a wide variety of techniques! You would be able to choose your mold shape hence being able to make soap trays, jewelry trays, pill trays and even a candle pot!

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Intermediate Tray Making Workshop

Gemstone Workshop

Learn to create 3 gemstone soap designs with your favourite essential oil blend in this workshop. Get to choose 1 real gemstone and learn embedding techniques where you get to embed your chosen gemstone in your soap! Get colourful with unlimited colour options creating a multi-colour gemstone soap.

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