Workshop FAQs

How can I book a workshop?

Contact us via WhatsApp @ +65 9669 5953 OR Call us @ 6634 1920 and let us know: -The type of workshop you would like to attend, -The number of pax, -Your preferred date and time, -Your name and contact number.

Which workshop should I start as a beginner?

Here at Soap Ministry, we teach you from basic techniques to advance techniques and we have something for everyone ! We have a Beginner's Deal- Mini Basic + Intermediate for Melt & Pour soap making, Cold Process Lesson 1 and 2. Our Basic Melt & Pour Soap Making workshop is suitable children as young as 4 years old.

What is the youngest age for soap making workshop?

4 years old for Basic Soap Making Workshop 8 years old for Bath bomb Workshop* 8 years old Candle Making Workshop* 9 years old for Beginner's Deal (Mini Basic + Intermediate)* 16 years old for Cold Process Soap Making Workshop 16 years old for Liquid Soap Making Workshop 16 years old Skincare Workshop *Not limited to this age, parents are welcome to attend/accompany the workshop with their children.

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How many soaps do we make in Melt & Pour soap making workshop?

Basic Workshop - 250g (Average 4-7 soaps) Basic Upsize Workshop - 250g (Average 8-12 soaps) Intermediate Workshop - 1kg (Average 10-16 soaps) Number of pieces depending on the mold designs of your choice as they are of different sizes, from our 400 selections to choose from.

How much soap do we make in each cold process soap making workshop?

In each cold process workshop, you get 1kg of self-customised cold process Soap made with the technique taught.

How much soap do we make in natural liquid soap making workshop?

You would get 350g of liquid soap base, which can be diluted to 1 to 3 litres of liquid soap (depending on the concentration that you like). Also, complimentary 20ml essential oil of your choice & blends from more than 50 selections here at Soap Ministry.

How many bathbombs so we make in the bath bomb workshop?

You would get 500g of bath bombs, approximately 4-6 bath bombs with different techniques, scents and molds.

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What is the minimum pax to start a workshop?

Here at Soap Ministry, we do not have a minimum number of pax ! We are customer centric and we even hold one-to-one workshops!

Do I need to pay if I am accompanying my child for the workshop?

It is not required, unless you would like to join in the fun and have your own set of ingredients for the workshop.

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What do we need to bring for the workshop?

You do not have to bring anything! Everything will be provided here at Soap Ministry !

How much time is required for each workshop?

MELT & POUR Basic : 1 hour+/- Upsize  :1.5 hours +/- Intermediate  :3 hours + Mini basic + Intermediate :3.5 hours + COLD PROCESS ALL LESSONS: 2hours +/- LIQUID SOAP  :3 hours+ SOAP BOMB   :2.5hours +/-

What are the dates available for cold process or liquid soap making workshop?

Soap Ministry has schedule of 10-15 dates available monthly. Please refer to our homepage for the available dates or follow us on Instagram @soapministry to receive monthly updates on the available dates. Alternatively, you can click on the WhatsApp button below to get the dates.

What if I need to postpone or cancel my workshop?

WhatsApp Diana @ 96695 953 (or click the WhatsApp button below). You can also call our outlet at 6634 1920 with your next preferred date you would like to postpone to or any cancellation.

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How do we book the time slot rental at Soap Ministry to make our own soap?

Time slot rental is available at $12/hr per pax for Soap Ministry members who attended our workshops before. All tools, equipment and space will be provided. Storage space is also available for your ingredients if you would like to keep them at Soap Ministry outlets. If you have previous soap making experience, you can rent at $20/hr per pax for non-members, or spend any purchases $150 & above to become a member and to be entitled to $12/hr per pax privilege. For time slot bookings, please contact 6634 1920 or WhatsApp 96695953 (or click the WhatsApp button below).

What are the mode of payments for the workshop?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, NETS, GrabPay, PayNow, PayLah, Diner's, AliPay, E-Invoice and bank transfer For PayNow please transfer to UEN: 201022514C

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Can overseas or foreign customer book a workshop?

Yes certainly. We are able to schedule and arrange your dates and slots for all your soap making workshop to fit into your flight schedule and your duration of stay in Singapore.

If I am from overseas, how can I make an enquiry and book my workshops?

E-mail: or WhatsApp +65 9669 5953 with the following information: 1) Your name 2) Your contact number 3) E-mail address 4)Type of workshop that you are interested 5) Name you would like to be in your certificate for the workshop 6) Your flight schedule, including arrival and departure dates 7) Special request or enquiry

How is Soap Ministry workshops different?

In Singapore, Soap Ministry is the biggest and most pioneer professional soap making workshop company. We have over 400 designs of molds, 15-30 essential oil and blends, wide selection of natural herbs and blends for customer to use and choose. Soap Ministry is highly skilled and has professional coaching and knowledge about soap making and skincare. We also provide skin consultation and skincare knowledge workshop where we address and the common skin issues and remedies for them. We also have complimentary life-time membership privileges such as 5-10% cash back, bulk purchase discount, rental timeslot for members to make their own soap at our outlet with tools and equipment provided at the lowest rate of only $12/hr.

We are open daily including weekends and holidays (except Chinese New Year) and hourly workshops are available for booking to allow our customers to relax and enjoy with the nice ambient at our shop of about 800 sqft. Walk-ins are also welcome if we are not fully booked or booked for private events Soap Ministry also awards E-certificate for intermediate soap making workshop, cold process and liquid soap making workshops where you will get to learn recipe formulation advise and guidance from us Soap Ministry also provide customized soap order service which is available from 1 piece onwards. WhatsApp available : +65-96695953